How to connect my laptop to an LCD Screen and still be able to see the icons and start menu?

I have a Vista computer and am trying to connect it to an LCD screen with a VGA cable and my desktop background comes up on the screen but I have to drag windows to the right in order to view them on the screen. How can I make it so that I can see everything on my laptop on the screen. The LCD was capable of it before and for some reason it stopped working. Thanks.

Ok, I do this a lot and know exactly what you’re talking about. Try this:

1. connect the VGA cable to the laptop
2. on your desktop right click and click on ‘personalize’
3. on the new window, on the left column under ‘Tasks’ click on ‘Connect to a project or other external display’.
4. click on ‘connect display’ for the ‘external display’
5. it will give you the option to view your desktop on your ‘external display’ or to split it, which is what you have now I believe and that is why you have to drag things to the other screen.
6. click ‘ok’ or ‘apply’

That should do it. Really, there should be nothing else. It is not the LCD, it’s the setup on the computer. Just follow those steps, but most importantly number 5, where it asks you to choose.

Good luck!

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